Wednesday, April 23, 2014

100th Day in Action

Here we are a few pictures of us celebrating our 100th Day!!
We made our 100 Year Old Portraits and we wrote about what we would eat, watch and like to play when we are 100 years old.   The students did an amazing job with making their portraits.  This 100 day portrait idea came from Dean Jump and the 'When I am 100 years old' worksheet came from Growing Kinder.
These are are mats that we made to use when we made our 100th day fruit loop necklaces (as you can see by the picture some of my students glued the 10's backwards, heehee).  We made the mats as a whole group and then laminated them to get them ready for our 100th day celebration.  
Four our celebration we had 5 centers: 100th day snack, build a tower with 100 cups, put together a puzzle with 100 pieces, play number bingo, and decorate the number 100.
I stapled a 100th day label on top of of each zip-loc bag when they were done make their snack.  The students then they sat down to eat a small snack before going to the next center.
They worked with a partner to built a tower with 100 cups...they really enjoyed this center the most!
 They worked with a partner to put together a puzzle with 100 pieces.  
When it was time to rotate, they would get a 'I am 100 Days brighter' glow stick wand for trying their best! When I saw this idea, I made them just for my class.  They loved getting their glow stick wands!
The students played a number bingo to review the numbers 1-20.  If they got a bingo they would win a medal.
For this center they decorated the number 100 with paint.  I got the file from Growing Kinder!  
The day was filled with lots of fun and each student was able to take home a balloon to celebrate that they can count to 100!  We also made our 100th Day booklet but I didn't get to take a picture of it.  You can get the 100 day crown, mat, wands, and so much more in my 100th Day Activities packet.:)

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