Friday, June 28, 2013

Made some more posters to share

So, as I was making my restroom rules poster that I will be displaying inside our classroom restroom.  I thought...why stop there?!  So, I made a few more to use during the beginning of school when talking about the school rules.  Here they are:

Please click here for the cafeteria/hallway rules poster.  Enjoy!:)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh my...I have a restroom in my classroom

Ever since we moved to our new house I've been looking into trying to get hired at a school that would be closer to home.  This will be our third year living in our house and feel so blessed to have a place to call my very own!!  

So many new changes have occurred within those years...we bought a house, got engaged (all I can say is that it was about, had a whole year to plan our wedding, got married in the summer of 2012 (married the love of my life whom I've been with for 9 years), and this year we had the baby talk.  So my hubby suggested to give it another 'go' and search for schools that were closer to our area.  

This year I decided that it was time to give it my all when it came to interviewing for a school...I was determined to find one.  Well to make my story short...I found a school and they hired me!! 

I had missed the phone call while I was on my way to see the doctor (was extremely sick for 2 months straight, it was awful...and I know what your thinking 'was she pregos?', just very sick).  Anywhoo, when I saw the number and voicemail..all I could think of was 'please be good news, please be good news.'  You should have seen the dance I did in the car after I listened to the wonderful news that was left on my phone...of course I screamed with joy and scared my husband.

So as you can tell I was very happy and called them right away to say 'YES,' before they changed their minds, lol.  You might be wondering where this is after getting hired, I was able to join my new school for the last Staff Development Meeting.

I was hired as a first grade teacher but they called me a few days before the meeting to ask if I was interested in going to kindergarten instead...and of course I said 'yes.'  I was able to meet my new grade level, get a tour of the school, and see the classroom that I will have for next school year.  

When I first entered the room, I was looking at everything...from how the furniture was setup, to how many bulletin boards there were in the room, where the smartboard was placed, etc...but to my surprise I found out that my classroom will have a restroom!
You might be thinking, 'what's the big deal?'  Well, at the school that I was currently at, we didn't have a restroom in the classroom.  Every day I took my kindergarteners to the outdoor restrooms (morning and afternoon).  Now I'm will I use it?  Do I still take all my kiddos to the restroom in the hallway and use the restroom in the classroom as emergencies...or do I have the students use it one at a time when they need to's very confusing for me.  I'm thinking...full day with a class of 30 students, how will this work??  I haven't quit decided yet, but thought...why not make a 'Restroom Rules' poster.  
I'm hoping that this will help with learning how to keep it clean.  If you would like your own copy, please click here.  I would love to hear your suggestions if you have one in your room or may know of someone who has a great idea!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hi Wonderful Followers!!

So if you haven't heard yet, it turns out that Google Reader is going away on July 1st!  If you would like to continue to follow my blog, please follow me at Bloglovin'!  

I've done the switch and let me tell you its super easy to do!  Plus it will transfer all of your favorite blogs within just one click!  I've actually enjoyed using Bloglovin' and plan to continue to use it!  You will need to setup an account with bloglovin to follow our class I mentioned before it's quite easy to do.  Please make sure to click on the blue button on top of our bloglovin page.  If it's 'gray' then you are following us, but if the button is 'blue' you will need to click it to become a follower. 

You can also go to this link to move all of the blogs you follow from Google!  There's only a few days left till July 1st, so quickly do the move before its too late!:)

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Listening Center Sign

During the beginning of the year when introducing our literacy centers, I model how to use each center the correct and wrong way.  I always feel silly when I model using a center the wrong way...but it catches their attention and it shows them what is expected of them when using each center.  Plus they always enjoy a good laugh, especially if it's their teacher whose doing it wrong.   

Afterwards I have a few students volunteer to model how to use the center the right way and the wrong way.  We discuss how it looks, what they are doing, and how we know that they are using the center correctly.  I then have all students practice in groups so they get a feel of how to use the center.  

The reason that I am posting about this particular center is because even after modeling several times, you will always have 'one' that will forget how to use the stereo.  So I made a sign to remind them which buttons to press when using the stereo.  We talk about the colors and how each button has a colored sticker.  

I have the team leader for that center in charge of pressing the buttons.  This saves time, you would be amazed at how they will argue over who will press the button.  Team leader to the rescue!;)

The directions are very simple: press green for go, yellow for rewind, and red to stop.  I also add the blue for those extra buttons that they do not need to touch.  This file is an oldie but goodie...I created it in 2009 when I was teaching first grade.   

I thought I'd share our listening center sign that we have posted right by the center.  Please click here to download the file.  I plan to make an updated version very soon.  Enjoy!:)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let's See What the Papermonster Can Do..

Using the laminator was not very hard.  The directions were very simple and I thought...."Here goes nothing!'  I waited for the light to turn blue and used the laminating pouch carrier on my first far so good!  I did it!!  I was impressed at how easy it was to use.

I wanted to test different size of papers and also see how well it laminated photo paper onto card stock paper.  I like to print the math and literacy centers onto photo paper.  I find that the quality of color stands out gives it a glossy look compared to printing it onto card stock paper.  

You should have seen the smile I had when the first one laminated, I was like 'WOW!' On my second and third try I chose to laminate the papers without the laminator pouch carrier.  

 I was just overwhelmed with joy with how well it worked, that I went straight to my computer to print off some more things to laminate.  Yet I ended up running out of photo paper and ink very quickly.  I didn't want to stop and wait another day to finish...and went to the store to buy some more.

Normally I buy my photo paper from Samsclub

but Office Depot was having a 'SALE' on photo paper!!
So I ended up buying these while I was there.:)

They had a BOGO sale on photo paper and couldn't you can see I ended up with 4 boxes (bought 2 and got 2 free), heehee.

Well I'm off to print and laminate!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Writing Mini Office

Oh my...its amazing what you can find when you are looking through your files.  Every summer I try to organize my pictures and files and put them in folders.  This has helped out a lot over the years when I'm trying to find something that I need.  I came across a folder that said 'classroom,' yet couldn't remember what was in I opened it and behold...I found all of my classroom pictures from 2009-2010. I enjoy teaching kindergarten but after browsing through my first grade reminded me of all the good times I had teaching in first grade.  One of the pictures that I found were of my writing mini offices! 

My first graders loved using their mini office during our writing time.  It helped them stay on-task, they knew how to use it, and if there was a word that they didn't have on their mini office...I would just write it on a sticky note and they would place it on their mini office.  

I haven't really used them in kindergarten...but now I think that I should make one to use this year!  I'll keep you posted if I do make a new one!:)  

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kinder Classroom Pictures in February 2013

Here are a few pictures that I took of my classroom in February.  I try to remind myself that I should take pictures of the room so that I can remember how my classroom setup was for each year....but as usual I tend to forget a lot of times to take pictures.  That is going to be my on my list of things to do for next school year!  I'm going to take pictures, pictures, and more pictures of all the bulletin boards, crafts, and activities that we do in the classroom.:)

Friday, June 14, 2013

I Teach K! Conference 2013

Oh how I wish that I could attend this year's kindergarten conference!!!  

You would think that because I am on summer vacation I would stay home and enjoy time away from work...but noooo, I would 'LOVE' to attend this conference that is held here in Las Vegas during July.  I'm the type of person who can't keep still...I'm constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to update my themed units, become more organized, change the look of my classroom...etc.  My mind is always on the go and I seem to have a hard time letting go of work and just 'relax.'

I was lucky to be able to attend three years ago....our school was able to send all of the kinder teachers.  It was an amazing experience!!!  I couldn't stop smiling from the excitement and felt blessed to be there.  They have the best ideas and the presenters were 'AMAZING!!!'  I left with so many wonderful ideas that I could use in my classroom and I took plenty of pictures.  All I can say is whoever gets to attend this year is super lucky!!!  Even thought I live in Las Vegas, NV...I still can't afford to attend.  We saved all our money towards our wedding last year, so I really couldn't go and now we are saving money to attend our friend's wedding in Hawaii this fall.  Here are a few pictures that I took during the conference.:)