Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hi Wonderful Followers!!

So if you haven't heard yet, it turns out that Google Reader is going away on July 1st!  If you would like to continue to follow my blog, please follow me at Bloglovin'!  

I've done the switch and let me tell you its super easy to do!  Plus it will transfer all of your favorite blogs within just one click!  I've actually enjoyed using Bloglovin' and plan to continue to use it!  You will need to setup an account with bloglovin to follow our class I mentioned before it's quite easy to do.  Please make sure to click on the blue button on top of our bloglovin page.  If it's 'gray' then you are following us, but if the button is 'blue' you will need to click it to become a follower. 

You can also go to this link to move all of the blogs you follow from Google!  There's only a few days left till July 1st, so quickly do the move before its too late!:)

Click here to: Follow my blog with Bloglovin'

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