Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let's See What the Papermonster Can Do..

Using the laminator was not very hard.  The directions were very simple and I thought...."Here goes nothing!'  I waited for the light to turn blue and used the laminating pouch carrier on my first far so good!  I did it!!  I was impressed at how easy it was to use.

I wanted to test different size of papers and also see how well it laminated photo paper onto card stock paper.  I like to print the math and literacy centers onto photo paper.  I find that the quality of color stands out gives it a glossy look compared to printing it onto card stock paper.  

You should have seen the smile I had when the first one laminated, I was like 'WOW!' On my second and third try I chose to laminate the papers without the laminator pouch carrier.  

 I was just overwhelmed with joy with how well it worked, that I went straight to my computer to print off some more things to laminate.  Yet I ended up running out of photo paper and ink very quickly.  I didn't want to stop and wait another day to finish...and went to the store to buy some more.

Normally I buy my photo paper from Samsclub

but Office Depot was having a 'SALE' on photo paper!!
So I ended up buying these while I was there.:)

They had a BOGO sale on photo paper and couldn't you can see I ended up with 4 boxes (bought 2 and got 2 free), heehee.

Well I'm off to print and laminate!!


  1. Where did you get those awesome Pete the Cat tags??

    1. Hi,

      It's from Katie Mense's TPT store! She has great math and literacy centers. The file is called 'Cool & Groovy Colorful Cats Math & Literacy Centers.'

  2. Thanks so much I went and bought that packet and I love it!!!