Sunday, June 16, 2013

Writing Mini Office

Oh my...its amazing what you can find when you are looking through your files.  Every summer I try to organize my pictures and files and put them in folders.  This has helped out a lot over the years when I'm trying to find something that I need.  I came across a folder that said 'classroom,' yet couldn't remember what was in I opened it and behold...I found all of my classroom pictures from 2009-2010. I enjoy teaching kindergarten but after browsing through my first grade reminded me of all the good times I had teaching in first grade.  One of the pictures that I found were of my writing mini offices! 

My first graders loved using their mini office during our writing time.  It helped them stay on-task, they knew how to use it, and if there was a word that they didn't have on their mini office...I would just write it on a sticky note and they would place it on their mini office.  

I haven't really used them in kindergarten...but now I think that I should make one to use this year!  I'll keep you posted if I do make a new one!:)  


  1. Hello I was wondering if you were still going to be making the awesome calendars with the numbers to trace? My litles just love them. Thank you. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie

  2. Hi Valerie!!

    Thanks for asking! I have been working on the calendars and will post them very soon!:)

  3. I like the mini office. Where did you get the vowel sound chart? I love it!

  4. Hi Charley, I made the vowel chart using the images from SFA (Success for All) phonics program.