Thursday, June 13, 2013

And the laminator that I bought is....

A package came to the house and what could it be...but the laminator that I ordered!!   I decided to get the...

Papermonster 12" Business Laminator

After searching and reading the reviews I thought I'd give this one a try.  I plan to test it out 'VERY' soon after I print off all the files that I purchased from TPT.  I also ordered some of their laminating pouches to help me get started. 

I know what your thinking...but wait I saw two things in the box.  

Not only did I buy the laminator but I also needed a paper cutter to use at home.  Cutting with scissors is not fun when you have to do it all by yourself.  Tear, hubby doesn't enjoy cutting anything LOL.  So I thought why not buy one and ordered the Papermonster 12.6" Home Duo Trimmer.  I ordered both of them from My Binding and let me tell you they are fast at shipping!!  

Plus did I forget to mention that shipping was 'FREE,' because my order was over $75. I thought it was going to take at least a week for it to arrive and boy was I was delivered in 3 days with ground shipping.

This paper cutter will really come in handy since it provides two different trim styles.

I can't wait to use both!! Woohoo, this is my happy birthday present to myself, lol.


  1. Yay! I like the paper cutter a lot! Very nice! and definately Happy Birthday to YOU! :)