Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh my...I have a restroom in my classroom

Ever since we moved to our new house I've been looking into trying to get hired at a school that would be closer to home.  This will be our third year living in our house and feel so blessed to have a place to call my very own!!  

So many new changes have occurred within those years...we bought a house, got engaged (all I can say is that it was about, had a whole year to plan our wedding, got married in the summer of 2012 (married the love of my life whom I've been with for 9 years), and this year we had the baby talk.  So my hubby suggested to give it another 'go' and search for schools that were closer to our area.  

This year I decided that it was time to give it my all when it came to interviewing for a school...I was determined to find one.  Well to make my story short...I found a school and they hired me!! 

I had missed the phone call while I was on my way to see the doctor (was extremely sick for 2 months straight, it was awful...and I know what your thinking 'was she pregos?', just very sick).  Anywhoo, when I saw the number and voicemail..all I could think of was 'please be good news, please be good news.'  You should have seen the dance I did in the car after I listened to the wonderful news that was left on my phone...of course I screamed with joy and scared my husband.

So as you can tell I was very happy and called them right away to say 'YES,' before they changed their minds, lol.  You might be wondering where this is after getting hired, I was able to join my new school for the last Staff Development Meeting.

I was hired as a first grade teacher but they called me a few days before the meeting to ask if I was interested in going to kindergarten instead...and of course I said 'yes.'  I was able to meet my new grade level, get a tour of the school, and see the classroom that I will have for next school year.  

When I first entered the room, I was looking at everything...from how the furniture was setup, to how many bulletin boards there were in the room, where the smartboard was placed, etc...but to my surprise I found out that my classroom will have a restroom!
You might be thinking, 'what's the big deal?'  Well, at the school that I was currently at, we didn't have a restroom in the classroom.  Every day I took my kindergarteners to the outdoor restrooms (morning and afternoon).  Now I'm will I use it?  Do I still take all my kiddos to the restroom in the hallway and use the restroom in the classroom as emergencies...or do I have the students use it one at a time when they need to's very confusing for me.  I'm thinking...full day with a class of 30 students, how will this work??  I haven't quit decided yet, but thought...why not make a 'Restroom Rules' poster.  
I'm hoping that this will help with learning how to keep it clean.  If you would like your own copy, please click here.  I would love to hear your suggestions if you have one in your room or may know of someone who has a great idea!


  1. Congratulations on your new job!!! Hope you are feeling better soon. I love your blog I just found it today! Good Luck this year. I am a preschool teacher and we share a bathroom between two classes. The bathroom is open in both rooms and sits in the middle between the rooms. It has 3 stalls and the children go when they need to but they have to let the teacher know they are going. It is rather interesting at the beginning of the year when a brand new student goes in through your class then leaves accidently into the other class!!

    1. Thank so much for sharing! As silly as it sounds, this has been on my mind all summer...thinking about what my bathroom procedures just for our class restroom, LOL.:)

  2. Congrats and good luck with the bathroom situation! That's a tough one. LOVE the FLUSH poster! PERFECT for my school since we have 2 bathrooms that the entire school shares. YIKES!!

    Samantha :)
    Tales of a #teachernerd

    1. Thanks Samantha! I've been in the classroom organizing and rearranging the I can finally start decorating and the restroom will be on my list to decorate, heehee. I'm crossing my fingers for a great school year at my new school. Glad you like the poster!;)