Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Kindergarten Memory Books and Freebie

It's always fun to make memory books and then look back at all the things we did for the whole school year.  This year we used binders and clear sheet protectors to make all 28 memory books.  We didn't get to do the handprints this year, since we did the fingerprint calendars as a parent gift for Christmas.  You can click here to go to my previous post about our memory books if you'd like to see how the handprints look.  
We shared and wrote about what we enjoyed for each month on the writing template that I quickly made for our memory books (I made these at the last I have fix them up again for next year).  I also added a few crafts that we made each month to their memory books. 
The binder was packed with just about everything that we did that year, and for a minute I was worried that we put too much.  Yet I think that no matter how a memory book is made, it will always come out looking good...or so my kiddos and their parents thought they did.  At the end of each memory book, I added their kinder diploma and certificates that they received in kindergarten.  If you would like your own copy of the memory book (portfolio), you can find it at my TpT store.  

Thank you for stopping by, click on the image to download the kinder and first grade memory book cover.  
Happy Sunday!:)   

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Parent Volunteer and Student Gifts

To end the end the school year we had an ice cream celebration.  Yet before we made the ice cream sundaes, I passed out bubbles, color leis, and certificates to my students.
Incase you'd like to get the 'You Blew Me Away' bubble tags, I found them at Stephanie Stewart's TpT store and the end of the year certificates were made by Mel D-Seusstastic.
I always give my parent volunteers a certificate of appreciate (the small yellow thank you card template came from The Teacher Gene)...but I also wanted to give them a small gift.   When I went to the dollar tree, I so happened to have browsed at the right aisle and found these small containers and adhesive tape.  
When I saw them, I thought, 'OMG...this would make a cute parent volunteer gift.'  I bought bags of starburst and added this cute label which I found at the Nothing but Country Blog.  
And this is how they turned out...aren't they cute!;)
I had promised my kiddos a rainbow crayon, since we had soooo many broken crayons at the end of the school year.  Now, I've never made these before...this was my first time melting the crayons in a few molds that I bought awhile back just for this project.  
I had so much fun melting the crayons...a little too much fun, says my hubby...he had to open the windows to let some fresh air in, lol.  I guess, he wasnt 't a big fan of the melting wax smell.;)  We used these on the last day of school.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Show Us What You Bought Linky

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' to show you some of the goodies that I was able to get off my wish list!!  Who doesn't love a good sale, especially a back-to-school sale!
Here are few things that I have been waiting to get and bought today!

I have been using the monthly morning work from The Printable Princess.  I bought the November morning work packet and thought why didn't I get these sooner!  After using it in the fall, I just had to buy December, January, and so forth.  I wish I would have waited to buy the bundle...but it's's so worth getting these.   I had to buy August and September just to have the complete set and now I am ready to use these at the beginning of the school year!
I've been wanting to revamp my writing center and add more to it and when Mel D. from Seusstastic posted about her writing center...this product went straight to my wish list!  I can't wait to use it.  I also purchased the 1st set of reward coupons that she made and wanted to get the 2nd set!
I love to do crafts with my students and purchased the Alphabet book.  They were just too cute to pass!
Who doesn't want to be part of a I purchased the I'm in the Club by Ashley Reed.  It's a great way to challenge your students to learn how to master simple things like tying their shoes, learning their phone number..etc.
I've seen these on Pinterest and have been wanting to make one when I saw Jaime from A Spoonful of Learning post about it on her blog.  It's been sitting in my wish list since last year and I am so looking forward to making these for the parents this school year!
I also purchased some clipart and frames...I'm very much so addicted to collecting clipart! 
I almost forgot...I also bought some cute headers to use with my objectives that Mrs. S. made from Learning in Wonderland!
I also forgot to mention that I am participating in the back-to-school sale and everything in my TPT store is 20% off.  One more day left to shop for wonderful resources!  

Well that's it for's time for me to get myself to bed...I have work tomorrow.  4 more days till this school year is done.  Good night!;)