Sunday, August 3, 2014

August Currently

It's Sunday morning and here I am with only a few hours of sleep and ready to link up with Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for the August Currently.  Boy do I need some coffee right now, lol!  
Listening:  Nothing but silence...well more like hearing my fingers type on the keyboard, heehee (acting silly).  I stayed up till 3:30 this morning trying to export the kindergarten photo slideshow I made on iPhoto to iDVD and it keeps freezing up every time I send it...I'm ready to pull my hair out!  My wonderful dog woke me up around 6...demanding a potty break.  So, I'm up and can't sleep.:(

Loving:  Yeay, I can finally stop thinking so much about our 'End of the Year Program.'  Let me explain...I love having a Graduation Ceremony, but every day something went wrong. So many little things...stereo wouldn't work right, I was missing quite a few diplomas (like 6), we were only able to use the multipurpose room to practice for one day (on Monday and we had the program on Thursday), and the list goes on and on.:P

The day before our graduation ceremony we were short by 'ONE' blank kindergarten diploma....can we say 'no bueno.'  I had quite a good amount of kiddos out sick on the day of our kinder promotion picture day and I was in need of blank diplomas.  I started to panic, where did that diploma go?  
What could I do in such short notice!?  So I quickly made a phone call to the photo company and explained our situation, and thankfully they were able to send me the diploma by email!  When I heard that 'ding' sound in my inbox, we all cheered!!!  YES, thank you, thank everyone has a diploma! The graduation ceremony was awesome! The kids were all wearing their cute class portrait shirts and did amazing with singing all the songs.  We passed out these adorable cake pops that one of the mom's made and their memory books at the end of the program.
Thinking: I really need sleep...with so much to get done and only having 5 more days left of's hard to get sleep.  I have a lot on my mind, first it was the memory books, then graduation ceremony, now it's finishing up the school  year...and let's not forget packing up everything again and moving schools.  This is the story of my life, lol.

Wanting:  So far so slide show is slowly exporting...crossing my fingers that it doesn't crash again.

Needing: Well, what I really need is sleep...but coffee will do...especially since my crazy dog is barking at nothing right now.  It's like a regular routine, he does this every morning, or should I say every day.:(  Lots and lots of coffee, please and thank you.;)

1st Day: Since I am at a year round school, my kiddos last day is Aug. 8th and my last day is Aug. 11th.  I'll have about a week off and then I will need to go back possibly on the 18th...not quite sure, haven't received anything in the mail yet in regards to when my first day back is.  Yet that won't stop me from going right away!!!  There is lots to be done, in such short amount of time.  So far we have brought everything to my house and now it will be time to take it all back to the new school.  I'm going from a year round schedule to a 9 month as for me, it's looking like a pretty long school year with no vacations anytime soon.  As for my kiddos, their first day in school is Aug. 25th.;)


  1. Wow…you are still teaching and will start up in a few weeks. It must drive you crazy listening to everyone complain about their summers flying by!!! I have four more days of summer school. I have been teaching for the past four weeks. It has taken up most of my summer. We start August 25th. Have a great end and start of school!

    1. Hi Kelly,

      It's not bad not having the summer off...I'm the type of person that needs to keep busy. That is awesome that you are finishing up summer school. I hope that you have a great school year!:)


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Adriana...I'm hoping to get some sleep soon.;)