Sunday, August 10, 2014

Parent Volunteer and Student Gifts

To end the end the school year we had an ice cream celebration.  Yet before we made the ice cream sundaes, I passed out bubbles, color leis, and certificates to my students.
Incase you'd like to get the 'You Blew Me Away' bubble tags, I found them at Stephanie Stewart's TpT store and the end of the year certificates were made by Mel D-Seusstastic.
I always give my parent volunteers a certificate of appreciate (the small yellow thank you card template came from The Teacher Gene)...but I also wanted to give them a small gift.   When I went to the dollar tree, I so happened to have browsed at the right aisle and found these small containers and adhesive tape.  
When I saw them, I thought, 'OMG...this would make a cute parent volunteer gift.'  I bought bags of starburst and added this cute label which I found at the Nothing but Country Blog.  
And this is how they turned out...aren't they cute!;)
I had promised my kiddos a rainbow crayon, since we had soooo many broken crayons at the end of the school year.  Now, I've never made these before...this was my first time melting the crayons in a few molds that I bought awhile back just for this project.  
I had so much fun melting the crayons...a little too much fun, says my hubby...he had to open the windows to let some fresh air in, lol.  I guess, he wasnt 't a big fan of the melting wax smell.;)  We used these on the last day of school.

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