Friday, June 14, 2013

I Teach K! Conference 2013

Oh how I wish that I could attend this year's kindergarten conference!!!  

You would think that because I am on summer vacation I would stay home and enjoy time away from work...but noooo, I would 'LOVE' to attend this conference that is held here in Las Vegas during July.  I'm the type of person who can't keep still...I'm constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to update my themed units, become more organized, change the look of my classroom...etc.  My mind is always on the go and I seem to have a hard time letting go of work and just 'relax.'

I was lucky to be able to attend three years ago....our school was able to send all of the kinder teachers.  It was an amazing experience!!!  I couldn't stop smiling from the excitement and felt blessed to be there.  They have the best ideas and the presenters were 'AMAZING!!!'  I left with so many wonderful ideas that I could use in my classroom and I took plenty of pictures.  All I can say is whoever gets to attend this year is super lucky!!!  Even thought I live in Las Vegas, NV...I still can't afford to attend.  We saved all our money towards our wedding last year, so I really couldn't go and now we are saving money to attend our friend's wedding in Hawaii this fall.  Here are a few pictures that I took during the conference.:)

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