Sunday, June 23, 2013

Listening Center Sign

During the beginning of the year when introducing our literacy centers, I model how to use each center the correct and wrong way.  I always feel silly when I model using a center the wrong way...but it catches their attention and it shows them what is expected of them when using each center.  Plus they always enjoy a good laugh, especially if it's their teacher whose doing it wrong.   

Afterwards I have a few students volunteer to model how to use the center the right way and the wrong way.  We discuss how it looks, what they are doing, and how we know that they are using the center correctly.  I then have all students practice in groups so they get a feel of how to use the center.  

The reason that I am posting about this particular center is because even after modeling several times, you will always have 'one' that will forget how to use the stereo.  So I made a sign to remind them which buttons to press when using the stereo.  We talk about the colors and how each button has a colored sticker.  

I have the team leader for that center in charge of pressing the buttons.  This saves time, you would be amazed at how they will argue over who will press the button.  Team leader to the rescue!;)

The directions are very simple: press green for go, yellow for rewind, and red to stop.  I also add the blue for those extra buttons that they do not need to touch.  This file is an oldie but goodie...I created it in 2009 when I was teaching first grade.   

I thought I'd share our listening center sign that we have posted right by the center.  Please click here to download the file.  I plan to make an updated version very soon.  Enjoy!:)

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