Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bunny Crayons!!

Today I am sharing a simple and cute label that I made for some bunny crayons that I melted.  It was so much fun making the crayons and I thought, why not attach them to a label to make it pop! So I made my labels say ' Some BUNNY is amazing!'  Teehee;)
It was a little tricky getting these bunny crayons to stay on the card stock label.  
So this is what I learned, if you use a glue gun ONLY put a little bit on it so that it doesn't melt the crayon and get a blob of wax stuck to the label and the crayon falls off. 
I figured out that a little bit is, and they stayed perfectly on the label.
Once I was done, I placed all of these colorful bunny crayons into an Easter basket and called it a day.  I was so excited to give these out to my kiddos the following day!  Click on the picture to download the label.:)

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