Friday, September 27, 2013

Snack Calendars

During my time off from school, I've been trying to complete a few things that I use in my classroom.  One of those are my snack calendars!  

Every year my students will ask for an afternoon snack, especially since our morning goes by so fast with having specials and lunch so early in the day.  Our afternoon, tends to be 'suuuppppper' long and my poor kiddos need at least a quick snack to munch on.  So, each month I send out a snack parent letter and attach a snack calendar with it.  
I assign a day for each one of my students, so that they all have a turn to contribute and share a snack with their classmates.  My kiddos enjoy knowing when it is their turn to bring their snack and look forward to hearing the "thank you's" from all of his/her classmates.  They get to eat their snack before they get to play on the playground, during our afternoon recess.
I have finally finished creating my snack calendars!  It is an editable powerpoint file and which will allow you to change the top title where it says 'Our Snack Calendar 2013' and also type inside the boxes.  I also created them in color and black and white.  I personally like to use the black and white and print it off on colored paper to save on ink.  

I have posted it in my  in my TpT store if you are interested in using them.

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