Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pumpkin Time and Freebie!

For the last week of October we focused on Pumpkins.  My students had so much fun make observations, helping take out the seeds, and pulp.  Unfortunately...I didn't get to take pictures of all the action that was going on in our classroom.  Here are a few pictures of what we did for our pumpkin themed unit.

I just thought it was so cute that one of my students brought in a pumpkin for us, and decorated with a bow and a small label.

October Family Projects - they had so much fun sharing how they decorated their pumpkins.
We listened to a variety of pumpkin stories (fiction and non-fiction) and made a bubble map to describe what we learned about pumpkins.
 We also graphed how we wanted to carve our class pumpkin!  They were so excited to see that our pumpkin would be carved with triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and that it would have 2 teeth.  I'm such a forgetful person...didn't get to take a picture of the pumpkin we carved.
 We also made a pumpkin to wear when we sang the song 'Five Little Pumpkins.'  They looked so cute wearing them!
 The kids really enjoyed playing this pumpkin number game.  I bought it last year at Target when it was on clearance.  There are buckets labeled from 1-6 and they would aim and throw a plastic ball and see if it would land in one of the buckets.   
We decorated pumpkin cookies with orange frosting, candy corn, and M&M's to create our own Jack-O-Lanterns (Forgot to take the pictures of how they looked afterwards, sorry!)
We also planted some pumpkin seeds and watched them grow.
It's amazing how fast the seeds grew in less than a week.
I found these cute pumpkin trays in the dollar store and cute plastic pumpkins at the Target dollar sections.  To play the game, they would roll the dice and place that many pumpkins in their pumpkin ten frame.  The student who filled their ten frame won the game...then they would replay the game again.
The kids liked it so much that I made a simple pumpkin ten frame for them to take home and play with their family.
Click here if you'd like to download the game.

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