Saturday, July 26, 2014

Five for Friday

For the past week we have been learning about our 'five senses.'  I used the Five Senses Unit by Caitlin Cabby from Kindergarten Smiles.  What a great unit it is, everything we used was awesome!  

I started of the lesson and read the book, My Five Senses by Aliki.  We then talked about our five senses and read a cute poem about our five senses.  The students then helped label an anchor chart about our five senses.  We used inventive spelling as we helped our friends label each part.  
We made a 'What color are your eyes?' graph as we learned about our sense of sight.
We sat in a circle and played a 'Guess that Smell' game to learn about our sense of smell.  I labeled each bag 1-4 and each bag contained some cotton balls that I had sprayed or rubbed with either the following: perfume, vinegar, peppermint extract, and vicks vapor rub. The kids really enjoyed making their hypothesis and then coloring if they enjoyed or did not enjoy the smell.
For the sense of taste, I had the students taste, salt, lemon, hot sauce, and m&m's.  There were so many students who didn't want to taste the hot sauce, but after the first try...they kept reaching for it and wanted more, which was so funny.  Many of them who thought they wouldn't like it...really did like the hot sauce after all, but of course kept drinking water as they took another taste, lol.

I didn't get to take a picture of the touch and hear experiment.  We sat in a circle and passed around 4 bag that contained objects with different textures for the sense of touch.  Many of them guessed each object right away!  As for the hearing experiment we passed around 5 containers that were filled with different objects.  The students shook each one and listened carefully to guess what was inside.  We had so much learning about our five senses.
I have always wanted to try going to one of those Wine and Canvas classes!  My friend Holly had been to 3 of them already and I told her to let me know when she was planning on going again.  They were having a special and we signed up for a class last weekend.  I was sooo nervous...especially since I have never painted before!  In the end it wasn't too bad and my painting came out looking descent. I'm already planning to sign up for another class.
I found these at Kmart and thought they were sooo cute.  I would love to have these to decorate my house...that's if I had a garden.  Plants never seem to live longer than a few days, which is a bummer since I do like having plants around, even though I'm allergic to em'
My friend had a baby gender party last weekend...have you heard of these?  I've seen pins about it on Pinterest yet never been to one.  This was my first time going to one and we were told to wear pink if we thought it was a girl, or blue if it was a boy.  I, of course went with pink since I had a feeling that it was a girl.  The decorations were cute and I loved her nails!!  Who doesn't love mustaches and bows?? When everyone was there, we went outside and they pulled 3 strings that were attached under a piƱata box.  Can you guess what came out....nothing but pink confetti.  You should have seen how happy she was...and I am very happy for her too. 
Our End of the Year Kindergarten is coming up this week and did I forget to mention that we have 2 more weeks left? We have been working so hard with learning all of the songs...and I am getting butterflies just thinking about it!    There is just so much to do.  One of the songs we are singing is called 'The Kindergarten Class.'  
It's super easy and short...yet the last part of the song kept confusing my kiddos so to help them learn the lyrics, I created this to visually help them learn the song.  
What I do is...I put it up on the Smart board and point to the words as they sing the song.  To end this wonderful Five for Friday, I am sharing it with you. Click on the picture to download the file.  
Have a great weekend!:)


  1. Very cute song. We will definitely learn it this year. Are you considering updating your monthly calendars? I love using them in my classroom and hope you will be updating for 2014-2015. We start back August 11.

    1. Hi Terry, I responded back yesterday to your question about the calendars. The calendars are in my TPT store and have been updated for 2014-2015 since May. Hope you read this.;)