Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pledge of Allegiance Freebie

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!  As for me, I'm still working...I'm a little 'J' about not having the summer off this year, but it's not so least I have a few more weeks until the school year is over...our last day is Aug. 8th.  

Do any of you have a catchy song or cool trick to teach your kiddos how to remember to place their right hand on their heart? I'll always remember my dear friend Wendy who taught me a simple chant that she uses before doing the pledge of allegiance.  
It really does help the students remember which hand is their right and left hand and I have been using it ever since!  

These are the words: Right hand, left hand, roll them all around.  Right hand, left hand, pound, pound, pound.  Right hand to the sky, right hand to the heart.  Now it's time for the pledge to start.

Isn't it cool, lol.  While they say the words they are moving their hands the whole time.  The right hand and left hand go up in the air, they roll their hands around...etc.  I'm going to try to record it so that I can show you how simple it is.

I just love to learning from others and my dear friend Wendy is one of those teachers that I enjoy getting ideas from.  Ah, how I miss working with her.  Well, anywhoo...I wanted to share this with you and hope that some of you get inspired to try it out in your classroom.

I've always used the chant..but never had a poster for it.  So, I made some to display in my classroom.  Click on the image if you would like a copy of your own.  

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