Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Quietest Pencil Sharpener Review & Giveaway

Hi everyone! I've been in search for a new pencil sharpener, yup that's right the Bostitch Quiet Sharp 6 that I got in October was already starting to sharpen my pencil pretty dull.  
That means that in less than a year it didn't do what it was made sharpen pencils!  I'll be quite honest, I was pretty disappointed...why is it so hard to find a really good pencil sharpener, like seriously!?  So, I began to search for a new pencil sharpener in August.  I remember reading a few blog posts about the Classroom Friendly Supplies 'Quietest Pencil Sharpener.'  After going thru 3 electric pencil sharpeners...I wondered if it really did sharpen pencils better than an electric sharpener.  Plus, I was looking for a pencil sharpener that sharpen the big primary pencils.  I use a lot these in kindergarten.  
As I browsed I saw one that caught my eye and it said *New* Large Hole Sharpener.  It turned out that it was made just for the larger pencils!!  I couldn't believe it, I was just thrilled to know that they made one just for big pencils. I received the Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener a few days before school started and I never felt so excited to sharpen pencils, lol.  I feel so lucky to be here right now doing a review for the 'Large Hold Sharpener.'  
I quickly opened the box to find the sharpener in a cute clear box.  
It was actually pretty simple and easy to use!  I decided to skip the clamping part and just held the pencil sharpener with my hand as I sharpened the pencils.
I was able to sharpen 30 pencils in less than a few minutes.
I was really impressed at how sharp the tips were for each pencil and none of them broke while I sharpened them.  
All I can say is 'WOW!'  This is truly a great pencil sharpener and if you're looking into getting one...I have some great news!  Classroom Friendly Supplies will be giving one of the *New* Large Hole Sharpener away to one lucky winner.  Can you say, 'AWESOME!!'  

Here are some simple rules for the giveaway:
  • This giveaway is not open to international residents, US residents only (so sorry).
  • You must 'Like' Classroom Friendly Supplies on Facebook

Make sure to enter using the rafflecopter and leave a comment with an email address so that I may contact the winner.   Good luck!:)
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  1. I need to try this! It sounds great.

  2. I cant get mine to stay clamped to the counter. How do you manage this?

  3. I have been debating buying one of these sharpeners. I have 3 electric ones at school and get frustrated every day with sharpening pencils. This would truly be a blessing to win! :) Rebecca Parker

  4. I have a small one, but I need one for my big pencils. Would love to have it.

  5. I'd love to have a working pencil sharpener in my room, period! I took mine off the wall this week when the handle wouldn't even turn. The shavings catcher had been super glued together one too many times, broke in half last week.

  6. I've gone through an electric pencil sharpener a year and found 1 that lasted 3 years but it died at the end of last school year. I have seen this brand on facebook for a while and have wanted to try it.

  7. I just got my first regular one a week ago! I LOVE IT!!!! Only problem is my sped kids can't sharpen their big pencils and almost 1/2 my kiddos use them. They'd LOVE this! :)


  8. I love the option of the big hole sharpener. Great for the Kindergarten classroom!
    Sadie B.

  9. i just discovered this pencil sharpener and i would LOVE to gift it to my daughter's teacher!!

  10. I would love to have this pencil sharpener! It sounds amazing!

  11. I would love to have this large hole sharpener! Fingers crossed!

  12. I have been wanting one of these for quite a while, but I use the "big" pencils and didn't know they had one for them. Woo Hoo! I sure hope I win.

    Luv My Kinders