Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fingerprint Calendars

Hello everyone!!! 

I have updated my fingerprint calendars.  You can also read about my CD fingerprint calendars that I made when I was teaching kindergarten (just click on the link).
As you know, I love making crafts! Especially during the holidays and when it's time to make a parent gift.
Making hand print calendars were always fun, but I wanted to do something different and one day while I was at Michaels (ohhh, way, way back like in 2010, LOL), I looked at the calendar section to find the calendars I normally buy...but they didn't have enough of the ones I was looking for. That is where I got the idea of making a CD calendar with fingerprints instead of the usual regular sized calendars.  
It took awhile to get the template just right so that they would fit inside a CD case...but it worked and I've continued to make them every year!!
This gift turned out to be one of the cutest gifts that we make as part of our parent gifts for Christmas.  Well this year, I am teaching first grade and with making so many fingerprint ornaments, I decided to wait until we return from track break to make our fingerprint calendars as a Valentine's Day parent gift.  Who says that these only have to be done for Christmas, I say make them for any special occasion!;)
This year, I received many requests if I could add more fingerprint ideas and also make the calendar template bigger.  Now that I am a new mommy, it has been harder to catch up on making products. Yet, during my winter break I was able to work on a few that were on my to-do list and I was able to make this special request. 
I've added 12 more fingerprint ideas so now you having two options to do for each month.  You can also make the fingerprint calendars using just regular sized paper, in case you do not have time to order the calendar CD cases. No more cutting, just print and start to use them right away.
I'm so excited that I decided to put both calendars into a bundle.  Make sure to redownload the file to get the additional calendars if you have purchased my CD fingerprint calendars!  If there is ever a fingerprint that you want me to add, don't hesitate to contact me.  I'm always open for new ideas and making this a product where everyone has what they need. 

I'm not the best with remembering to take pictures when I'm in the classroom, but I will post pictures of the finished calendars when we make them in February! 

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