Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year Hats

Being in first grade has been a lot of fun and many of my students really enjoy getting to make hats for each holiday.  
During my winter break, I had to make a hat to celebrate the new year.  What I love about these hats is that my students already know how to make them.  The template is very simple and I love that they have the option to write on them.
What I like to do is include these in the writing center.  The students write their sentence and then get to color their hat.  They know how to cut it out and place it onto a sentence strip.  Having it at the writing center has saved us a lot of time when it comes to getting them ready!
I can't wait for my students to make these.  If you are looking for something quick and easy, I have posted it to my TPT store. Happy New Year!

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