Friday, March 14, 2014

Five For Friday 'Nevada Reading Week'

It's been awhile since I have done the Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching.
Have you ever heard of Apex Fun Run Fundraiser?  This was my first time ever hearing about it...and I must say that it was a school fundraiser that I really enjoyed it a lot.  Our class was Mrs. Solis's Minions!  The students were able to run inside the school due to the weather being so windy and possible rain.  You should have seen some them run so fast in the halls, lol.

Have you ever ordered something online and hoped that it would arrive on time?  Well, that's what I did 2 weeks before Nevada Reading Week.  Here I was sooo excited to get my shirt and behold...they shipped the wrong size (ahhhh).  Can you see the size difference?  My husband teased me that I could pull it off and wear it as a dress with a belt but that was not what I wanted at all.  I finally received the right size today in the mail...yippy, I can now wear it next year, lol.;)   
Here are some pictures of us dressing up as our favorite book characters.  I made the tutu's with the help of my friend Holly and they were so much fun to make! I think our outfits came out looking awesome!
During Nevada Reading Week, I invited our students' families to be one of our Mystery Readers!  The students couldn't wait for me to read the mystery reader clues, and I was surprised at how well they guessed who the mystery readers were.  If you look closely...the students are all dressed in their pajamas for Pajama Day in school!
One of the activities that they really enjoyed doing during our Nevada Reading Week was 'Flashlight Reading.'  We turned off the lights in our room, found a reading buddy, a comfy place to sit, and used a flashlight to read.
Last but not least...we had crazy hair day in kindergarten for Nevada Reading Week.  I couldn't decide what to do with my hair, so I figured why not wear a wig!!  OMG, when I opened up my classroom door to greet my should have seen their faces.  They really thought that I had dyed my hair purple and blue.  It was so funny! 
It was my first time ever wearing a wig at work and I had so much fun, lol.


  1. Wow! Nevada Reading Week looks like a blast for you and your kiddos! :) So glad I stopped by.

    The Teaching Twosome

    1. Shannon, it was a looooong week of fun! I'm so glad you stopped by my class blog.:)