Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Currently

And now for the May Currently with Oh' Boy 4th Grade:
Listening: I have been on the computer all morning and have the house to myself.  It's suppose to be around 99 degrees outside today...but I can hear the wind blowing hard outside, I hope that it doesn't get to hot.:)

Loving: Surprisingly I'm enjoying not having my car husband took the car today to go to work and I'm enjoying not having the urge to get out of the house and go somewhere.  I'm just so used to getting up and meeting up with someone, going  shopping, or doing errands on Saturdays.

Thinking:  Since I don't have a car for awhile, what should I do?  I should probably clean the house...thinking 'if only my dogs could help me.':D

Wanting:  Like I mentioned earlier I've been on the computer all morning and I need to eat something.  I should probably stop and listen to the rumbling in my tummy...I will grab something to eat after I am done with this post.  Fruit sounds good!!;)

Needing: I wish I had someone here to help me's no fun doing it by yourself.  

Surprise:  I have been enjoying going to 'A Differentiated Kindergarten' and reading her blog posts.  You should stop by her blog and take a peek.

Have a great weekend!;)


  1. Ha ha I share a car and sometimes it is so freeing to not have it around. :) Nothing to do but enjoy my time at home. Hope you find someone to clean with you, if not, just start small, do little things. They will either motivate you or add up. I also just play some music, that always gets me going. :)
    Ms. K/1 ELL

  2. I second playing music while you clean!!! It seriously helps! Especially Justin Timberlake and Wham! I don't know what it is about catchy tunes and 80's music...but they are really fun to vacuum to! :)