Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day Gifts

Have you seen those adorable Mother's Day mason jars gifts!?  I've been seeing them a lot on Pinterest and I couldn't resist, so I went to Walmart and bought the mason jars and acrylic paint.
Since it was my first time doing this, I had to do a test run and try it myself at home.  Just to make sure that there wouldn't be a total mess in the classroom and especially get paint on the carpet, ahhh!
We did this as a whole group and I modeled how to hold the jar and turn it so that the paint would slowly drip on the sides.  I made sure to explain not to hold it upside down or else the paint would fall straight to the ground.  This took a lot of patience, but they did a very good job with taking their time.
It took about 2 days for the inside to dry and once they were dry I started to paint their handprint on their jar.  Amazingly the handprint dried really fast!
After the mason jars were done, I kept thinking about what I wanted to put inside it...real flowers, tissue paper flowers, coffee filter flowers, fake flowers...there were just too many options to choose from.  
So I thought making paper flowers on popsicle sticks would be super cute if I added a picture of them to one of the flowers.  
My students wanted to help and they made their flowers for their mason jar.We added some leaves and ribbon.  They turned out so cute!
We also made Mother's Day cards and they picked their favorite Spring foam shapes to put on their cards.
We made our Mother's Day plates from MakIt!
I forgot to take pictures of the plates, and my aide had already wrapped them up with wrapping paper. ...but they did turn out adorable.
I found such a cute idea at the Soaring through Second Blog, where each kiddo finished the sentence 'I love you because __.'  I just had to try that cute idea and took pictures of my students and they decorated a foam picture frame with foam shapes.  
We made a book about our Mom's and the student's wrote about what their mom likes to eat, is good at, helps them with, and why they love their mom.
The last things we made were a coupon book and 'My Mom and Me' booklet. I found both on Teachers Pay Teachers! Click on the words to go directly to the product.:)
I bought some colorful paper bags at Michaels and put all of their gifts inside the bag.
I can't wait for our Mother's Day Tea Party!:)

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