Sunday, May 4, 2014

Getting Ready for Our Mother's Day Tea Party

We are getting ready for our Mother's Day Tea Party!  Over our Spring Break, I worked on our invitations.
When we returned back from our Spring Break, my students made an invitation for their Mom's and inside it had our Tea Party information.  We sent both of the invitations on the same day!
Last weekend, I worked on our decorations...
I spent a whole day shopping for things that I could use for our tea party and I think I may have over did it as usual, lol.  
I couldn't help myself but I ended up buying everything and anything that looked colorful and would go with my theme.
My friend Sweetp helped me make paper tissue flowers, to use as part of the decor.  I found this cute welcome mat at the 99 cent store and thought...'Hey that would look cute to put with a wreath outside of our classroom door!'
Over the weekend I worked on our Mother's Day Powerpoint Slide Show.  I asked my students' families to email me a picture to put in our slideshow and my students shared what they love about their mom.  Sweetp also showed me how to make a mesh wreath.  I told her that I wanted to make it colorful and this is what we came up with.  She thought the rabbit would look cute, since the white rabbit appears a lot in the movie.
Here is a peek of a few files that are in my Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Packet that I made.

Our tea party is on May 9th...I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes well.  I have put up my Alice in Wonderland Tea Party and Mother's Day Powerpoint on my TpT store.  

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