Sunday, February 1, 2015

Valentine's Day Crafts

Hi everyone!  So, last month I kept brainstorming about all the crafts that we could make for February.  I thought and thought about it...and do you ever get an idea just out of just comes to you out of no where?  Well that's what happened, I went straight to my craft room and worked on my first Valentine craft and came up with this cute owl.  If you know me, I just love owls!

Making templates can be quite tricky but I had so much fun that once I started I couldn't stop!  That's when I began to make a frog Valentine craft.  After I was done, it made me think of my dear friend who worked with me last year...she loves frogs!  How I miss her!:)

These would have been perfect for us to make last year, if only I had thought of it back then.  As I made all these crafts...I thought 'Why not a panda?!' Pandas are cute too!
Anywhoo, I just wanted to share these crafts with you incase you're looking for a craft to make in February.  I have a friend who is planning to have her class do a Valentine Exchange with another school.  Good thing I made these just in time for her class to use for the project.  I can't wait to see how they turn out!
These crafts are now available at my TpT store if you'd like for your students to make one too!  Have a great day!:)

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