Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snap Shots & Linky Party Freebie

It's Tuesday already!?  I feel like my break is quickly ending, but I'm glad to link up with Jacque at Mommy and Me Creations for 'Just the Teachers Tuesday Linky!'  
Mommy and Me Creations
Today, I will be sharing pictures that I took of my friend Holly's room who teaches first grade.  She was kind enough to let me hang out in her room to get my Valentine goodies ready for my kiddos that I went to visit.  I don't know about you, but I love walking into a classroom and getting new ideas.  Here are some pictures of her classroom!
She had this on her door and I thought it was adorable!  She did this with her student's at the beginning of the school year when talking about their classroom rules, Kelso Choices, and friendship.  I may just have to steal this idea and use it next year!
Each student is assigned a number and it helps with knowing where her students are when they are not in the classroom. 
I was told by her students that they get to put a piece on their potato head when they receive a compliment outside of the classroom.  Very cute!
I remember when she showed me a picture of this 'Writing Goals' poster when she made it in the summer.  She found this idea on Pinterest and here it is in action in her classroom.
In our school we also have specials A-G and I may just have to do this as well in my classroom.  I've been making a Specials Calendar each month and think that this would save me so much time knowing where we will be going for specials.  Kuddos to Holly for the idea!;)
She uses this pocket chart to display their spelling and vocabulary words for the week.  
I've decided to end this post with something that I used to do in the morning.  After greeting each student when they came in they would place their name if they were having school lunch or bringing lunch from home. It really helped me with taking attendance in the morning.
I also had my students place their names underneath the restroom sign that was on our door.  I didn't have the luxuries of a classroom restroom, and the restrooms were outside.  This helped us figure out who was using the restroom, and plus it really helped out with the issue of playing in the restrooms since only 2 students were allowed to go at a time.  
Click here if you'd like to download the file.  Enjoy!:)


  1. Alma,

    I love getting ideas from others, especially teachers. Teachers are very creative, and talented people. These ideas that you have shared are super cute. I love the potato head idea! Thanks again for sharing, and linking up with Just for the Teacher Tuesday. :)


    1. Hi Jacque,

      Me too!! Every time I have an opportunity to check out another teacher's eyes look at every little detail to inspire me to do better. I'm like a sponge, always looking for new and fresh ideas, heehee. I agree that there are so many creative and talented teachers out there!:)