Monday, February 24, 2014

Word Wall Pocket Chart in Action

I just had to share a few pictures of us during writing!  Every since I introduced our word wall pocket chart, the students have been using it non stop when it is time for us to write in our writing journals.  It brings me such joy to see that they are using the words in our word wall pocket chart.  
Here it is in action!  These pictures were taken in January when we were learning about penguins and before we went on our track break.
I've had a few that came up to me to ask for some words that were not on our pocket chart.  I explained that only our sight words would be on the pocket chart and if they were not there we would have to try our best and sound it out. (If you look at my student on the side, she's using our Penguin bubble map to help her write about penguins.)

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