Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Finally I Got My Classroom Keys!!

I was able to access my classroom this Monday...I have been waiting all summer for this!!  Especially since all of my things were in the garage and my poor car has been out baking in the heat...Vegas is very hot in the summer!

I wanted to share just a few pictures of what it looked like before I brought all of my boxes and bins.   
On Tuesday we took everything!  Can you believe it!!  It took 3 car trips, 3 vehicles, and wonderful friends and my hubby to get it all in the room.  You just don't know how much you have until its time to pack it all up. Here are some pics of the mess that I have created.  
I hope to get it all organized and ready very soon!

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  1. Your room looks huge! Good luck with setting everything up!