Saturday, August 3, 2013

I have a TPT Store

I never thought that it would happen...wait for it...I opened up a TPT store today!  I've always loved using DJ Inkers to create the files that I use in my classroom, and finally convinced myself that I had to purchase a commercial license...and here it is!  
I can't quite remember the details to how I first came about in finding my first DJ Inkers clipart...but what I do remember is the joy of 'cuteness' it brought to the life of teaching.  I'm so happy that she is providing teachers commercial licenses.  This is like a dream come true, heehee.

Learning to blog has been quite an adventure this summer and opening up a TPT store is going to another grand adventure...well more like a 'panic attack,' since I'm still learning how to do both.  So to share my excitement I will be doing another giveaway tomorrow!  Here is the link to my TPT store if you're interested in checking it out.:)

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