Sunday, August 11, 2013

Homework Folders, Give it a New Name! And Freebie

Awww, homework folders...where do I even begin.  I remember the summer before my second year of teaching, coming across a teacher's website with a list of acronyms that you could use as a name for your homework folder.  
That year, I chose to use the acronym for B.E.A.R. (bring everything always ready).  I liked what it stood for...and that's where it all began.  
If you've read about them, you've probably noticed that its not just any type of folder..its a binder.  Now this part worried made me wonder if a 6 year old could really and I mean really take care of a binder instead of a paper folder...I mean what if they lost it!  The horror, binders are expensive!!  Well, I still took the risk and tried it anyway.  I just reassured myself that if it didn't work then it was back to papered folders.

After my first year...the 'trail year' of binders, I was impressed at how well my first graders did at taking care of them.  Of course you'll always have one or two students who will either lose it or damage it...or even a parent who will admit that THEY were the ones who 'lost' it and not their child, lol.  So I continued my journey using them in my class. 
Anywhoo to make my story short....I went from using B.E.A.R binder to S.E.A. binder.  Then moved on to I.P.O.D. binders...I was obsessed with having an iPod at the time and thought 'Hey let's have I.P.O.D. binders!!'  My husband thought I was crazy, but I still used them anyway, lol. 
Then when I moved to kindergarten I changed the name to B.E.E. folders.  If you see the word 'folder,' got that, I went back to folders.  
Like I mentioned before, binders were expensive and I just couldn't afford to buy them anymore and so I went for the plastic prong folders instead.  These are the ones I'm going to use this year.  I like that it has a small pocket inside the folder (perfect for notes from the parents and book order money).  
Plus the thought of a 5 year old having a cramped backpack with a binder, made me worry about their poor little backs.  I mean, have you seen what some of these kids carry in it?  There's poor little Johnny whose trying to balance himself while putting on his backpack because he has every single single paper, craft we made, and so forth that we've done since day ONE...yikes!!

Here is a close up of what I put inside.
Well this year I've decided to change it up again and I will be using O.W.L. folders.
I really like how the cover came out, I actually made 4 different case I wanted to use one with less color so that wouldn't run out of ink so fast.  I've already had to replace my ink cartridges several times this summer, smh.

I made the O.W.L. folder covers editable and have also included the folder rules, a parent letter and overview, in case you'd like to have your own.  They are posted in my TpT store.  I almost forget, I also have the B.E.E. covers at my store if you like those too.  But wait...don't leave yet, I have included for you some freebies!!  Click here if you'd like the B.E.A.R. folder cover or S.E.A. folder cover.

And last but not least...I'd like to share that yesterday was our 1 year wedding anniversary.  It's crazy how time flies, but I'm so happily in love with my husband.  
I wish I could rewind and relive it again...heehee.  Thanks for stopping by!;) 

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