Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Owl Ten Frame Number Posters 0-20

I feel like I live on the computer!!  I've been working on so many different projects all summer...well first I must show you how my number posters turned out!  I've been looking for some cute ones on TPT but as silly as it sounds I was looking for one that had the number 'zero' and it had to have 'owls' of course, lol.  

How can we forget about 'zero,' he's such an important number.  I'm a big fan of zero the hero, so I pretty much didn't have any luck finding what I wanted.  So I ended up buying myself some cute owls from 'Pink Cat Studio' and made my own posters. 

I love, love, love her clipart!  If I could I would buy her whole entire clipart collections...but then again I'd end up with no money in my bank account and that wouldn't make the hubby happy...heehee.  So here it they are...and see I didn't forget my zero...cause he is my hero, I'm such a goof ball.

I think they came out pretty cute!  I made them in English and Spanish, so if you're like me and love polka dots and cute owls...stop by my TPT store to get your own.  Then we can be matching buddies cause these are going to be printed, laminated, and up in my room for sure!:)

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