Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dollar Tree Goodies

So, I went to the 'Dollar Tree' a few days ago...not to look for anything in particular but to browse through each aisle and see what I could find for my classroom.   

Here are a few goodies that I bought: magnetic clips, snack size containers, fly swatters, big clear accent gems, wooden clothespins, and foam wands.

Now I wasn't too pleased with the magnetic clips...I tested them on my refrigerator to see if they were strong enough to hold a piece of paper and they failed with flying colors.:(  

As for the clear gems and wooden clothespins...I'm planning on changing up my behavior chart.  I've been seeing a lot of behavior clip charts and love the idea...but I do like using my pizza pan I may combine the two.  I will definitely post pictures soon.

When I saw the snack containers, I thought 'Wooah, these would be great to use for glue sponges!'  If you haven't heard of these, pop on over to Mr. Smedley's blog!  He has a great tutorial and after watching his video I was convinced that I needed to try this out!  You might be like, 'But you bought snack size containers?'  I figured that I could cut the sponges in half and each student could then have their own individual glue sponge.  I love the colors and wished that they had yellow and orange containers too!  I would have soooo bought them if they did, lol.

There were so many colorful baskets, bins, and if you look closely you'll see the three comaprtment caddies!!  They had these in lime green, purple, red, blue, and white...

I almost didn't see these fly swatters, but I'm glad that I did!  I was tempted to buy all four colors (blue, red, yellow, and green), but told myself that I should only get 2 for now.  What I really like about these are that they stretch...they can stretch up to 29" inches.  I can't wait for the kids to use these for our read/write around the room center, or use them for a fly swatter game.:)

I also found these cute magnetic organizer holders.  I really, really, really wanted them...but told myself that I would only buy them if they had all the colors that I needed.  They were missing 'yellow and green,' so I had to walk away...more like in a quick pace so that they wouldn't magically appear in my shopping cart.  In the picture it looks big but they are pretty small.

I found these foam wands and only bought the stars...again I plan to use them for our 'read/write around the room' center and also as calendar pointers.

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing all the goodies that I found and if you happen to have a 'Dollar Tree,' what are you waiting's time to go shopping! Heehee;)

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