Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pictures, pictures, pictures

So today I went through all my pictures that I saved in a folder, in search for pics that I took from activities that we did at the beginning of the school.  I must say, I was quite disappointed in myself...I only found two from 2009, haha..yeah I know that way back and a few from 2011.  I am making a promise to myself that I will definately take pictures of everything that we do this school year (no excuses).  So I am sharing a few old school pics but goodies with you. they are!!!  Here is a picture of our chicka chicka boom boom trees.  We used this as part of our data wall in my kindergarten class.  The students would color each letter that they mastered.

We decorated our names with a variety of beans.

We decorated our names with colored construction paper and contact paper.

This picture is was taken in 2009 when I was teaching first grade.  We made an 'All About Me Glyph."

These were taken in kindergarten during a Parent Power Day.  Parents helped their child decorate their person - (we didn't make a glyph for this one - we just free styled it)

I shall make sure to have a camera on me at all times and remind myself to take 'MORE' pictures, it's a must!

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  1. Great pictures! We did the names with torn construction paper and we have done this in the past with color star stickers also!! I love the all about me glyph- I do a lot of glyphs that I send home for family homework.