Thursday, July 4, 2013

Seat Crates or Ottman Storage Seats..

Who loves pinterest?!  Well, this girl does!!  I like how we can share and post ideas that we find online.  It really helps me organize all of my pins and when I need's there with a picture.  I've been searching and browsing through posts about how to make 'seat crates' for the guided reading table.  

I'm thinking that this may be my next summer project that I will be making...but wonder if they are easy to make and will they last all school year.  

There are so many creative teachers out there and each seating crate looks different!

One thing that did catch my attention was how Erica Bohrer used storage ottoman from Big Lots.  

I liked the fact that I didn't have to make it...they were colorful and you could use them as storage.  So I went out with my friend to find them at Big Lots.

They were a little hard to find but after I did...I sat on one to test it out.  I like that you could fold them when you weren't using them, but felt that these wouldn't last very long.

I then browsed at Target and found these...

They are bit pricey...but if I can't make the seat crates..then I just may buy these instead.:)

I'm going to change the topic for a bit before I end today's posting...I did also find these two things:

I would love to use these baskets to organize my math centers or school supplies! (Found it at Target) 

This is my friend Holly, holding a cupcake box.  This would be so cute to use to put small birthday prizes to give the kids when its their birthday.  How cool is that!? (Found it at Hobby Lobby)


  1. I love the basket organization you found at target! I might have to head over there.... I also LOVE that cupcake box....been thinking about it since we've seen it at Hobby Lobby. I may also go get it as well! :) I love reading your blog by the way. :)

  2. Holly, I've been thinking of getting the cupcake box too! LOL...we seem to think alike, let's go back to Hobby Lobby!!;)