Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Name Bingo & Editable Giveaway

A fun game that I made last year, to use during the beginning of the school year was a Name Bingo game.  This game was a big hit for us in kindergarten.  The kids really enjoyed playing this game during literacy center.  They love to hear their name and if it's included in a game...well what can I say, it sparks up the interest in playing!

One thing that I did for this game to help my visual learners was that I included everyone's head shot picture with their name.  At the beginning of the year you will be surprised at how many students come to my class not knowing the difference between a letter and a number....and surprise, surprise, they won't even know which letters are part of their having pictures helped them a lot during the beginning of the school year.  I'm also a visual not only does this help my students but it also helped 'ME,' their teacher, lol.

I like this game because it's simple and easy...once I get my class list, I plan to make it, laminate it, and it will be ready to go!

I am doing a giveaway where you can get this file as an editable version.  Want to be able to type in the bingo cards?  The first '3' followers who share what 'name' activities they do with their class during the beginning of the school year will get it! 


  1. My class loves to watch as I cut apart a child's name (written on a sentence strip) and then we reassemble it together in a pocket for the class and for the individual child!

  2. My kinders love to use different colored shaving cream to practice writing their names. They also enjoy using different fonts that I have on small paper squares. They love to see their names in all their fancy creations!


  3. I put the children's names in small bottles. The letters are beads and the children write the names on a worksheet. There are helper cards with photos and names written. They also glue beans over their written name. Black beans on bright paper look wonderful.

  4. What great ideas! Thank you for sharing!;) I have sent all of you the editable version to your email.:)

  5. Thank you for sharing this activity I will surely use it this year with the pics of the kids in the first part of the year!!!