Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hobby Lobby and Ikea Goodies

I went to Hobby Lobby a few days ago and spotted these cute blue ottoman in the clearance aisle...when I saw that there were two of them, I just had to buy them!  
I asked the cashier if they were on sale, just had to make sure and he said 'Yes.'  Well it turned out that he either lied to me or didn't scan it right cause the price that I saw on the receipt was not what I saw on the clearance sticker!  I was so bummed out... especially since I had to drive all the way back there to return them.  I explained to the person who was helping me that I was returning them back since they were not at the price I wanted them...turned out that that the guy made a mistake and that they 'were' on sale...but get this, not for 80 but 90 percent off!!  This lady made my day, I got these babies for 5 bucks each.  I was in such a good mood, that I went back to browse and bought a few more things.  

I also bought a cute wooden owl.....I'm obsessed with owls, I tell ya!
I found on Pinterest..what looks like a lollipop bouquet/tree.  I love the idea and when I saw the orange flower pail on sale...I knew that I could use it to make it!  All I need now is a styrofoam ball and lollipops! Click here to see how to make one.
I also bought bright felt stickers and a small wooden easel that has two sides (chalkboard/whiteboard).  I plan to use the easel at my kidney table when I'm pulling small groups...I've seen teachers wear a crown or tiara to notify their students that the teacher is busy with a group of students.  So I thought, why not use a small easel!  I'll let you know how it goes, once I use it.:)
It's very rare for me to ever get to go to IKEA, since we don't have one in Vegas...very sad but true.  So when went to San Diego, CA as a quick getaway...I convinced my husband that I had to go to this store, it was a must!  I found these blue containers...I knew that I could use them for just about anything!  I've been wanting to use classroom coupons and thought that this container would be perfect to store them in.

I also bought some colorful cups and a small laundry hamper to store the pillows the students use to sit on at the library center.  These small containers are wonderful!! I bought 3 sets of them in blue/yellow/white years ago and they are still in great condition.  I've used them to store my calendar number cards, magnets, q-tips, labels, erasers, paper clips, etc.   
And last but not least...I've been working on my traceable calendars.  They should be ready by tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by and listening me rant on and on about all the goodies I've found.:)


  1. Great finds at both locations!! What a great idea for the laundry hamper and pillows I will have to "borrow" that idea!