Sunday, July 7, 2013

Updated Listening Center Sign

Well, I've updated my listening center sign...nothing fancy just a few little changes.  Yes...I know, it looks just about the same...but hey, at least it's a little bit more colorful, lol.  I hope you like it!:)  Click here to download the file.

One day...out of the blue, I'd like to change my listening center and get rid of the stereo and have iPod shuffles or iPods instead.  This would be a dream come true!  I've been looking around to see how much it would cost and I must say...that dream will have to be on 'pause' just for a little bit longer.  

I did find some great ideas on how to organize it in the classroom.  I like how Mrs. Patton and Mandi have their listening/reading stations organized using iPod shuffles...and to think how much the kids would enjoy the freedom of choosing a book and finding a good spot in the room to listen to it.

I also like how Molly has her iPods stored in caddies, simple yet I'm loving the idea!

I would love to hear how your kiddos use the listening center in your classroom and how it is setup!  I'm always looking for fresh and new ideas!;)

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