Monday, December 30, 2013

13 in 13 Linky Party

I'm in shock that this year '2013' will be over in 2 days!!  This year has gone by too quick for me, that I've decided to join in the fun and link up with Miss Kindergarten, A Teeny Tiny Teacher, and Dragonflies for an end of the Year Linky Party!  
This is my first time ever linking myself and I'm going to share my most favorite memories during I go...;)
{1} In April I got hired at a school closer to home.  I was thrilled and couldn't wait for the new change!  I was filled with both happiness and sadness since I would truly miss my friends at my old school but I'm happy to make new friends at my new school.  
{2} In May I decided to do my own 'Water Day' for the kids.  It was a day filled with lots of fun and let me tell you they were very excited to get the teacher wet and I was soaked from head to toe!
{3} Toward the end of May we were getting ready for our kinder end of the year celebration.  I was blessed with such wonderful parents that year, who wanted to help with getting everything ready for their child's kinder graduation.  We went all out and they all helped make cute caps and gowns for the whole class.  I still miss them all very much but plan to visit my kiddos when I am on my second track break.
{4} In June I decided that it was time for me to learn how to create a blog!  It was hard at first to figure it out but now I can't stop I'm very glad that I did.  

{5} In June, I also convinced my husband for us to go to San Diego and celebrate our birthdays there.  Surprisingly we are two days apart and we were able to enjoy a wonderful weekend by the beach, and we went to Sea World for my birthday.  We stood in line for 2 hours just to see the Madagascar Show, lol.  It will be a birthday that we will always remember!
{6} In July, I told my good friend Sweetp that I wanted to do a Bridal Shower for her.  It was so much fun looking for ideas for a Bridal Shower Tea Party.  It was my first time hosting one and doing DIY invitations and decorations.  At that time Pinterest was where I was for ideas!
{7} In August, I opened up my TpT store and let me tell you it was a true accomplishment for me this year!  I never thought that I would have my own spot on TpT, especially since I'm the type of person that worries a lot and over thinks every little thing that I do...but I'm so glad that I pushed myself to do it!

{8} In August my husband and I celebrated our first year wedding anniversary.  We have been together for 10 years, but it was our first year as a married couple and he surprised me with our wedding flowers.  I am so blessed to have him in my life!
{9} The weekend before school started, I lost my dog Rocky (chihuahua) whom I've had for 12 years.  He got out of the backyard and we weren't able to find him anywhere in our neighborhood.  It was a true heart break and I was devastated that he was gone.  It's still a hard topic for me to talk about, but I will always have him in my heart and still hope and pray that one day someone will return him back.
{10} In October we went to Hawaii for the first time!  It was amazing to get to be there for a week and also be part of our friends wedding.  We stayed at the Aulani and let me tell you it was beautiful and a relaxing get away 'honey moon!!'  We had a great time!
{11} On October 26th I adopted 'Canelo!'  I couldn't stop thinking of Rocky and kept going every week to the animal shelters to see if he was there.  When I saw Canelo's post on the Animal Foundation...I just had to meet him.  The funny thing about it, is that the post mentioned that he was a Chihuahua and when we went to see him...he was an Italian Greyhound...but that's okay because I feel in love with him instantly.  I'm very blessed to have him in my life!
{12} In November I finally purchased my very own Silhouette Cameo!  They were having a special holiday bundle and I was able to buy one for myself and I also got one for one of my good friends.  She is coming tomorrow so that we can have a craft day!  Yippy!!  So excited to get to use it!

{13} In December my husband helped me put up all the decorations for Christmas!  I just love, love, love every little thing about the holidays in December and this month truly makes me the most happiest!  I think its because it was my mom's favorite holiday and even though she is not her with us anymore.  I will always remember the wonderful memories that we had with her!
2013 is a year to remember!:)

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