Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Gingerbread Man

I don't know about you, but I 'LOVE,' 'LOVE' doing my gingerbread man unit!  He is one of my most favorite characters to use during December!  

We decorated the outdoor of our classroom to get in the holiday spirit!  The kids had so much fun making each craft to put onto our gingerbread house.
We decorated paper plates into peppermint candy and placed them onto our gingerbread house.
We decorated foam light bulbs with stickers and also small gingerbread men cookies.
We made christmas lights with our names to decorate the trees.

We couldn't leave out the reindeer stable!  I just had to have that as part of our house.  
These were all the stories that we read during our gingerbread unit.  I just love collecting books about the Gingerbread Man...there are so many different books out there!
The kids loved putting their little hand on their hips when saying the gingerbread man's part.  It was so cute!
At the end of our unit, we read about the Gingerbread Baby and his friends.
The gingerbread baby was out loose in our school and we had to go find all the clues for the gingerbread baby hunt!  
It turned out that the gingerbread baby was in our classroom the whole time!  And when we returned back to our classroom, we found a small little house with a note!  It was from our dear friend the 'Gingerbread Baby' and he had left us treats inside the house with cookies of all his friends (gingerbread girl, boy, and friends)!
We made gingerbread ornaments that I bought from Michaels and Joann's.
If you haven't heard of 'The Gingerbread Man' from Yellow Door...its a must have!!  It comes with cards to sequence the story, wooden character shapes, a CD to play with the cards, or you can watch the DVD on the smart board.  It has such a catchy song for the gingerbread man...I sing it all the time to my hubby, lol.
At the writing center  we used a bubble map to help us write a complete sentence about our gingerbread man cookie that we decorated with glitter, foam shapes, and wiggly eyes.

Here are some that we made last year!  I wasn't able to find the foam gingerbread ones at the dollar tree this year...but it's okay.  They still turned out cute!;)
Every year, the gingerbread man leaves us a big gingerbread container with all the ingredients to make gingerbread cookies.  (Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry)
I take it home and bake a big gingerbread cookie!
You should see their eyes when they see how big the cookie is, lol.  I always take a picture of the whole class holding it and pretending to be very hungry!  A great picture for their memory book!  Good thing, I remembered to take a picture of the cookie before I cut it into pieces!!  I had the kids come by tables and decide which part they wanted to eat.
This year all of my kiddos loved eating gingerbread cookies! 


  1. I also love doing a gingerbread unit. The kids love reading a new book everyday in December. Where did you get the giant gingerbread man baking set? I would love to do that with my class.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I bought the big gingerbread cookie pan at Walmart...around 3 yrs ago but I think that they still may have them there. When I saw it, I HAD to buy it!!! As for the gingerbread man container. I found it around the same time at Big Lots and thought it would be perfect to go with my gingerbread unit. Hope your week is filled with lots of fun!:)