Monday, December 23, 2013

Dear Santa Claus and Christmas List Freebie

If you haven't heard about this book, Dear Santa Claus by Alan Durant...I recommend getting it!  This is a 'GREAT' book to read to your kids when teaching about writing a friendly letter.  It's my favorite book to read when we write our Christmas wish lists.  
I found it at at a great price in 2007...I know, that is like long, long, long ago!  If you have never heard of Book Outlet, its a great place to buy books at very low prices. Anywhoo, this book is about a little girl who decides to write a letter to Santa Claus before she sends out her Christmas list.  
It has small envelopes inside with removable letters and small special treasures that Santa sends her back every time he writes her back.  It is such a cute story!!! I'll try to take pictures of it, so that you can see what it looks like inside.  When I found this book, I bought one for my teacher friends.  I mean, how could I not share this wonderful book that I found with them!  

After reading the book, I tell my students that we will make our Christmas lists and see if Santa Claus will write us back just like he did for Holly in the story. 
Before I give them their Christmas lists, we use a circle map to help us brainstorm what we would like for Christmas.  
It is so cute to watch them think really hard what they would like to ask for and write it in our class circle map.  The excitement these kids have just to think that Santa will possibly write back to us.  I try to stay in character and make it as believable as possible!  And behold...during our Polar Express Celebration we receive a package in the mail...and can you guess who it is from?!
Well of course, our dear friend Santa Claus!  The kids get so excited as I read the letter aloud to them.  You should see their darling little faces and their big smiles when they find out that they each get a bell necklace!  So it doesn't get too loud, we do the 'WOW' cheer!  I just love doing these type of fun activities with them in December!
Click here to get the Christmas List Freebie.  Happy Holidays everyone!;)

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