Monday, December 2, 2013

Pumpkin Pie, Yum!

We listened to these two books about pumpkin pie.  I recommend them if you do not have them!
Afterwards we made a list of what we needed to make pumpkin pie.  On Friday the students helped mix all the ingredients to make pumpkin pie in our classroom.  It was yummy! (Sorry forgot to take a picture of it.)  We made a graph on Pumpkin Pie...surprisingly in the beginning everyone thought they would like it, but after tasting it...only 3 said that they changed their minds, lol.
For our writing center the students wrote about their favorite pie and made a pumpkin pie out of construction paper.
The cute pie template was made by one of my friends named Kate.  She is so talented when it comes to drawing and very crafty!  Check out her TpT store, to see all the wonderful crafts she makes...they are all 'ADORABLE!'
And last but not least...I promised that I would take pictures of our scarecrow writing and I remembered!
We use thinking maps to help us write complete sentences.  If you look on the side, I made a writing rubric.  We go over it every day!  I wanted to make it simple enough for my kiddos to understand how to use it.
Well that's it for now!  I'll come back soon with more pictures to share....good night everybody!!:)

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