Friday, December 20, 2013

Fingerprint Calendars Update!

I must say that our fingerprint calendars turned out adorable!  I tried my best to take pictures, lol.  I started off printing these on the last week of November, so that we could get started.
It took us two weeks to get all these made for 28 students and yes we did laminate all of them!  
After they were all cut, we organized them by their name and placed them inside the calendar cd case, wooohoo...almost done!
Here are a few pictures of how it looks when they are inside the cd case...all 12 calendars, plus the cover fit perfectly well inside.
I took pictures of all my kiddos and put them on the cover for their cd calendars. The kids were happy to see how they turned out in the end!  Yeay, we are done with the parent gifts!!  I plan to make some more poems and fingerprints to go with each month...just to give a variety of ideas!
Incase you are wondering where I get my Calendar CD cases, I purchased them from amazon.  Click here to check it out!
Every year, I give my students a gift!  I wrapped all of their books and a puzzle, gave them a goodie bag filled a christmas cup with a pencil, eraser, play dough, and treats!  These were ready to be given on Friday!!
Yeay, we are now on our winter break!!  I must say that it is nice to have some time off and get to relax for a bit.:)

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