Thursday, January 16, 2014

Adopt-A-Classroom...Yes Please

Have you heard of  Oh my, if you haven't...what are you waiting for, go and register right now!   Adopt a Classroom is a national nonprofit that partners donors with teachers so that you can have funds to purchase resources and materials for your classroom.
I first heard of it in the summer from one of my friends and decided, why not give it a try and registered.  Well, it so happened that our pencil sharpener gave up on us in November, just my luck!?  I was going to buy a new one during the weekend and when I checked my email I saw that it came from Adopt-A-Classroom saying that JCPenny had given a donation towards our class.  I completely forgot that I had registered my class.
I was like...OMG, is this for real!?  I felt so blessed and very thankful for their donation! 
I was able to use the donation to order a new pencil sharpener, a colorful pocket chart, birthday crowns, and pencils for our class.  If you haven't registered yet, you should...I totally recommend it!;)

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