Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Holidays Around the World

I know that it's kinda late to be sharing about 'Holidays Around the World,' but thought I'd share a few pictures.  We had so much fun learning about different countries and how they celebrate the winter holidays.
Making these suitcases can be a pain to make, but I make them every year...we can't travel without them, lol.
We traveled to: England, Mexico, Israel, Germany, the North Pole, and back to the United States.
I give each student a passport and I stamp their passports.  
We then pretend to buckle our seat belts and fly across the world.  It's so cute to watch them pretend to look out the window of the imaginary airplane and they say "Look teacher, I see the ocean...I see the clouds...etc." Lol
We made Christmas stockings for England.
We made poinsettias for Mexico.
We made a menora and learned how to play the dreidel game for Israel.
We made a Christmas tree and decorated gingerbread cookies for Germany.
We made a hand/footprint reindeer for the North Pole.
And last but not least, we had a 'Polar Express Celebration' for when we returned back to the United States.  The students had so much fun and they were able to take all their crafts and put them in their suitcase to share with their families.

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