Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3 - Fitness Linky and Letter Bb Freebie!

Day 3: Fitness
I'll admit...I've never been the type of person that enjoys exercising...I'd rather do just about anything than exercise.  For the last two years I continued to workout at least 3 times a week..but didn't really keep it up in 2013.  Even my husband noticed...I mean if he's telling me that I need to exercise then I guess he's giving me a hint that he's noticing my chunkiness, lol.
This year, I'd like to try to at least bring in some type of workout.  I love taking long walks around my neighborhood and I found the perfect workout buddy....'Canelo.'  He has so much energy, loves to play, and also likes to go out for walks.  So I plan to continue doing that routine with him and also do some other type of cardio workouts that I hopefully won't give up on.
Here we are being lazy, wearing comfy PJs, and watching some T.V....well not anymore!!  As I normally sing to my husband, "Work out, it's Fun and Easyyyy!!"  Actually I don't think its either, but I will continue to sing that to myself for motivation this year, lol.  Here we are motivating each other and jogging around the neighborhood.
Don't I just look so silly...Cheers to a healthier year!
I also wanted to share about the handwriting worksheets that I made before the new year started.  
I love collecting handwriting worksheets for my students to use to practice working on their handwriting skills.  So, I thought...why not make some of my own to add to the collection.
When we return back on Monday, we will be focusing on the letter 'Bb,' so as a thank you for being a follower please click here to download the letter 'Bb' handwriting worksheet to use in your classroom.  I have posted the packet on my TpT store if you'd like a set of your own.  Happy Friday everyone!:)

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