Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Visiting My Friend's School and Behavior Note Freebie

I was lucky to visit my friend Wendy today at her school.  She teaches half day kinder and it was really nice to meet all of her students.  Let me tell you, this girl is quite lucky...she only has 18 students in the morning and 15 students in the afternoon.  Can, you say WHAT??  It would be super nice to have a small class in kindergarten.  I straight up told her...'Wendy, I am so Jealous with a capital J!!'
I'm shocked at how fast the day could have been since she kept me busy the whole day with helping her setup and organize her classroom, lol.  She was feeling pretty sick today and I am always happy to lend a hand.   
I really didn't expect to clean out her desk, inside and out!  I thought I was just there to watch and hang out for a bit.  It all started with another teacher coming in to ask for a rubber band and I couldn't find one in her desk.  So I offered to organize it and she did not hesitate on the offer, lol.  Here's a picture of my good friend Wendy and I.
After I was finished, she asked me to organize her writing center.  I love that she had these words on key rings and I added them to her writing center for the students to use when writing words, sentences, or even labeling the pictures.
I was able to watch her students follow simple directions and use different shapes to make a penguin.  I love how they all look different.  
Towards the end of the day, I had to take a few pictures of her classroom.  
Wendy can be so creative!  I miss working with her and seeing all her creative ideas when it comes to crafts!
I even had a chance to watch her do some Kagan strategies with her students at the carpet when they were sharing their daily news.  She picks a student each day and they help with counting the words, breaking down the sounds, and writing the words on a big sheet of paper.  Afterwards they return back to their tables to write their daily news in their journals.  
I'm so glad that I am able to go visit my dear friend and help her out during my track break.  I kinda want to go back and hang there during my vacation time, lol...I just had so much fun!

And as a special request by a follower, here is one of the behavior notes that I use in my classroom.  
Click here to download the file.

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