Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shapes Posters

Shapes, shapes, shapes!  We have been singing our shapes every day in school during our afternoon circle time or you may call it calendar time.:)   This year, I have been blessed with kids who really, really, and I mean really like to sing!  They just want to sing about anything and everything, lol.  
I had to shrink the shape posters to half the size since we were running out of space on our bulletin board.  It's funny because my kiddos were bummed out that we didn't have anymore shapes to here I am on track break.  

Trying to think of songs for the rest of the the tune that we have been singing them to is: The Farmer in the Dell.  So, I wanted to make them easy, friendly, and fun for the kids to remember the shapes.  There are a few that you have heard out there for a circle, triangle, square, and rectangle.  
But what about a pentagon, octagon, trapezoid, star, heart, pyramid, and rectangular prism!!??  OMG, I was up yesterday and today, just trying to think of what I wanted it to say for those shapes.  Even my friend Heather thought I was crazy for staring at a computer screen and trying to come up with a song for those...thankfully she helped me with the heart and trapezoid.  
Kudos to my dear friend, who I tortured in the middle of the night with all the singing, lol.  She came to the house today and said...'Because of you, I can't get that tune out of my head.'  Oooops, sorry!!!  Didn't mean for that to happen.
Have a good night!;)

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